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Indoor Slides

Our patented “dry-slide” technology is what makes us “Fast as Friction.” Years of development, cutting edge technology and materials, and leveraging the best minds in the business, we’ve created an indoor slide experience that reflects what a water slide can do in speed, movement, and excitement. This innovation of surface technology combined with incredible design results in a one-of-a-kind indoor slide experience!

“Slick Slide” 500ml Bottle

Exhilarating speed combined with airtime make the Launch incredibly unique. The Launch Slides ranges in size from a 25’ entrance down to a 14’ entrance. The Launch can also have between a 3’ down to a 1’ AFF at it’s lowest point allowing the higher AFF models to provide for longer launch airtime for the rider.

Slick Slide Mats

Similar to a half pipe you’d find in a skate park or ski slope, the Scoop takes the rider on that exciting path of travel. The Scoop Slide ranges in size from a 25’ entrance down to a 17’ entrance.

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